I tried the WP app on my ipod, and it worked for a few days, then ‘BAM” consistent failure. How disappointing! I was so looking forward to blogging from the road.



Just trying out the WP app.


Here’s a part of The People Speak. Viggo Mortensen reads in Spanish, and then English, so don’t worry that you won’t know what was said. It looks like I can’t embed Vimeo unless I upgrade, so you’ll need to use the links instead. Sorry! After I get a job, I’ll switch. If archivists didn’t exist, this project wouldn’t have had the material to do this. Keep memory alive!!!

Viggo Mortensen reads Bartolome de Las Casas, “The Devastation of the Indies: A Brief Account” (1542) in Spanish and English from Voices of a People's History on Vimeo.

EDIT: Found a workaround… let’s see if it works… Success!


“Krittle”: the weird little bits that flake off the edges of very old (well, post-1880s), very brittle newspapers when you touch them. In use: “OMG, I’m covered with krittles!” “Hey, sweep up that pile of krittle, wouldja?” “Dear god,I’ve inhaled a lungful of krittle.”

First documented use: Sara A. to Debi G. while working on newspaper survey/shelf-read for employer.

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Krittlacious Period (refers to post-1880s)

Krittle Mines of Moria (self-explanatory)

Krittle Drifts (deep piles of krittle left on floor after handling items from the Krittlacious Period).

Still working part-time at the Wisconsin Historical Society. Still looking for a full-time archivist position. Still scoping out cute men. Still driving ’94 VW. Still cat-Mom to Evinrude the Surly. Still collecting more yarn and fabric than I will use in this lifetime, or the next. Still reading actual books.

Bettie Page classic

Bettie Page died! I”m so sad. She was 85. She had a heart-attack earlier in the week, and just never woke up. 85 is a good, long life, but still… Her icon status just kept growing year after year.  I weep for the goths. And what will the chick on NCIS do?

And Keanu’s crap-tastic “Day the Earth Stood Still” has tanked.  We all knew it would, except the producers/directors, apparently.  Why do they keep encouraging him?  And why won’t Hollywood work up some fresh ideas? Stop ripping off classics, and Japanese horror films.
Gah. I’m gonna start working on my epic poem about Lutherans.

I’m beginning to think it’s actually bronchitis, but unless the medical insurance fairies visited last night, I won’t be able to find out. I’m thinking of putting the kleenex box on a string so I can just sling it around my neck as I wander from room to room, looking for something shiny and new to keep me occupied between bouts of heavy coughing and nose-blowing.

This is beginning to sum up my life in general; the last few days have been beautiful, and I’ve been too sick to enjoy them or get outside (except for the Market on Saturday morning, when I mistakenly thought I was doing better. big mistake). When I started my Masters in engineering, I got hit by a car. Every year, first day of school, got my period. I’m doomed! I need a karmatic change! Is that a word? Oh, you know what I meant!  

On to the Palin-ator! She’s learned a new buzzword! Just like Shrubby does, she”ll use it to death. She’s already used up ‘maverick’ pretty much, so now she’s moved on to ‘radical.’  Is it now safe to point out that she’s officially ethically challenged?? See the report from the Alaskan legislature for details on that one.